Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bakery Tour Today/ Adoption training

Ah.  It was refreshing to go on a field trip today.  After we got home everyone, but Sophia, did grammar and some other school work. It was a very relaxed day. 

For our adoption training we have to have 15 hours of training with other families associated with our agency.  Basically we have to interact with at least one of the parents, part or all of the family.  Tonight I went to a ladies Adoption/Foster Fellowship at a restaurant.  A group of ladies who adopted, are adopting, fostering, or are considering fostering/adopting meet and talk.  It was enjoyable.  Very nice ladies.  All unique stories.

Sophia and Hannah had fun "dressing up(?)"  yesterday.

Sophia with about 30 costumes on.

Hannah with about 30 costumes on.

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