Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We are resuming our Small Group ministry

Steve and I started being involved in Small Groups right after we were married.  Some years we were part of a small group and some we weren't.  We haven't been part of one since we moved here a year and a half ago.

In a few weeks we're  starting a new small group in our home .  Below is a blurb from Christianity Today about small groups. 

Holistic small groups can only work when relationships between group members are considered number one. And that means having regular contact outside of meetings. I've experienced a vast majority of the transformation in my life through a small group experience, and it happened because of this principle. The groups have been very intimate friends of mine with whom I can share transparently. They've loved me unconditionally, and we've been able to show Christ to one another. I didn't view it as an opt-in thing. Without it, it would be like not having enough air to breath. They've been that valuable.  (From )

Our initial meetings will consist of food (dinner or dessert, and I hope chocolate), an object lesson, maybe a little singing, and conversation.  Entire families are invited.  At first we will probably have a sitter to help with the small children.  Any children who desire can stay with the group the whole time or go and play when we aren't having a group activity. 

A small group is a place where people notice if you are missing.  Have you ever experienced that?  You don't show up and someone calls to see if you are ok, not to ask, "Why weren't you there?" (AKA:  "Why did you  disappoint me?")

The small group that we were part of in Germany, before we moved here, was unbelievably special.  Those people are our lifelong friends.  We still see many of them and we are even trying to make plans to get together this summer.  These people live all over the world and any of them who can will join us this summer.  That is special. 

I'm excited about this new small group.  More to follow.

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