Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Two dozen homeschooled young men.

Today was the annual homeschool high school soccer team vs. alumni game.  Truly, it is a highlight of the year.  A local homeschool organization called FEAST (Family Educators Alliance of South Texas) has a ton of middle school and high school sports teams.  Luke is on the high school boys' soccer team.  Starting last year, they began having a game at the end of the season where the current high school team plays guys who have played on the FEAST soccer team when they were in high school and have now graduated.  There are some brothers playing against brothers and former team mates playing against each other.  Each year it rains which makes it even more memorable. 

It is so awesome to see two dozen or so godly, athletic, homeschooled (or formerly homeschooled) young men playing on the soccer field with determination, joy, comradery and super soccer skills.  Before we moved back to the states from Germany in 2010 we really never saw homeschooled high school boys or young men who had graduated from home school.  Through FEAST we see a ton.

This Friday we have the end of season party at our house. This is also a highlight as it is inspiring to be with these other homeschooling families whose friendship we cherish. 

Do you want to know who won?  The high school team for the second year in a row!  This year the game was tied 5-5, so each team had 5 players shoot on the goalie.  It was 3-2 for the high schoolers.  

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