Friday, January 13, 2012

Ten minute speeches at Speech Class today

Luke and Josh had to present an 8-10 minute speech at Speech Class today.  All of the students are giving the 8-10 minute speeches either this week or next. 

I figured out why they didn't want to go to speech class after Christmas break.  I think it was because they knew they would have to do this speech.  

Steve took the kids today and he got to see Josh's presentation on the Fisher Houses.  He said Josh did great.  Josh did his Eagle Scout Project for the local Fisher Houses last year so it's somewhat near and dear to him.  He prepared the entire speech and rehearsed it on his own.  

Luke asked for some help with his on Wed.  He was trying to do it on an alternative fuel.  Although it sounded very interesting, he didn't know anything about it so he was having to do A TON of research.  Well, he was running out of time.  I suggested that he do the speech on something that he was more familiar with and gave him my ideas.  He ended up doing his speech on, "Transportation in Europe:  Planes, Trains and Automobiles."   I heard that his was also very good.  He had the audience laughing at parts and on the edge of their seats at other parts.  

Steve said that afterward, Luke and Josh were relieved and excited about what they did. He said it was awesome for them.

You must read this brief article about Speech and Debate.  I'll give you an excerpt if you promise to read the article.  Promise?  Here it is.  "If you have never been to a homeschool debate tournament before, I will tell you point-bland you are missing one of the greatest, most inspiring, truly awesome things happening on the planet."  (Andrew Pudewa,

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