Thursday, January 26, 2012

We just finished our "home visit" for our adoption.

It took a few hours to complete the home visit where a caseworker comes to talk to the entire family.  He briefly interviews each child, interviews husband and wife separately, husband and wife together, and interviews the entire family together.  Overall it was relaxing, fun, and exciting to "pass"!  Steve and I have one more day of training this weekend and then we should be licensed next week. 

The next step after that will be for the agency to present children to us for us to consider adopting.  Once we say yes to children then our agency presents our family to the CPS (Child Protective Services) case worker.  The CPS case worker will try to get about 3 or so families from different agencies who are interested in the kids and then narrow it down to one family. Normally that process takes a few months.

So, once you say you would like to adopt specific kids you may not find out if your family is chosen for a few months.  That seems like such a long wait...kind of like being pregnant...but without the nausea!

Oh, and Luke had his first College Plus phone consultation today.  He will take a College Algebra  CLEP first, then Western Civilization 1 (History) CLEP test, then either Biology or Literature.  That will equal 18 college credits.  He should take his first CLEP test in about a month and then take subsequent CLEP tests about every 4-6 weeks.  Yikes!!  He is motivated to do this.  Yet another new journey begins.

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