Monday, January 9, 2012

Field Trip Tomorrow!

I love field trips.  I think it's mostly because I get out for a few hours, and I don't have to teach.  Also, they are usually really interesting.  Remember, homeschool moms often homeschool because they want to learn, not because they want to teach.  I just feel the need to get out every now and then.

We are going to a bread factory.  Apparently they make donuts too, because the kids leave with a goodie bag containing bread, donuts and other goodies! 

No kids under 7 are allowed to attend.  I was going to get a babysitter for Levi, but I'm taking two of my neighbor's kids and she's going to watch Levi.  Now that's a "win-win"! 

Everyone is very excited.  I think Luke and Josh are staying home.  They like to get their work done...or at least simulate it.

Here's to field trips!!  Gotta go but ingredients in the bread machine for the morning. 

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