Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Luke babysat Levi.

We occasionally put Luke in charge of the kids when we go out.  Steve is out of town and I had Luke watch Levi, Caroline, and Jesse while I picked Sophia up from gymnastics and took Josh to get a new pair of soccer cleats.  (Dija follow that?)  Levi hadn't napped today, well except briefly which I'll get back to, so I knew if I took him with me he would sleep in the car and who knows when he would go to sleep tonight.

When we got home from the cleat hunt, I went upstairs and found Luke, Jesse and Levi all in the hall, STROBE light and music on, and they were dancing in the hall.  Levi was sporting just Thomas the Tank Engine underwear.  He was movin' and shakin' with his chunky legs showin'.  It was so funny.  Apparently both Luke and Levi enjoyed the babysitting ordeal.  I told Levi it was time to brush his teeth and he asked if he could "rave" (translation= dance) again after he brushed his teeth.  He was so excited. 

Since they had a such a good bonding time I asked Levi if he wanted Luke to read to him and he said yes.  Luke read to him and Levi fell asleep.  He was exhausted from no nap today.  Oh, wait.  That's the other thing I was going to tell you.  Around lunchtime Levi said he had to go potty so I sat him on it.  He either likes to stand or sit.  This time it was sit.  When he sits on the potty, he sits backward and faces the back of the potty.  His choice.  He had been on what was about his normal amount of time, so I called him and asked if he was done.  He said yes.  Usually he calls me to tell me he's done.  I went right in and he was leaning forward....sleeping on the potty.  That was a first.  I've never had a child fall asleep on the potty.  I took him to his bed to finish his nap, but he wasn't tired enough to go back to sleep.  So, by the time Luke read to him, he was ready to go to bed. 

I have a bunch more to post another time...Luke's soccer team party, Jesse's Cub Scout Pinewood Derby and 3D Archery competition where Josh, Jesse, Sophia and Levi all earned trophies!  That was all from this past weekend.   Nite Nite.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I wish I could have been there to see it!! Levi is so funny and awesome when he dances!