Saturday, January 7, 2012

Preserving kids' artwork

Artwork and fingerprints.  Over the years, my kids created a lot of artwork:  pictures, paintings, notes.  They created numerous fingerprints on windows too.  I generally try to leave the fingerprints, at least to a degree where we can still see out of the windows.

In the past, the artwork would often get put in a folder to keep for, um, for posterity?  I'm not sure for what.  I put occasional pieces in frames and hung them in a child's room or in the school room.  But recently I started to frame and hang most of them.  

Here is the "wall of fame" with a ton of kids' artwork.  I wasn't too sure about doing this, but it really grew on me and I love looking at their artwork.

Also, I scan some of my favorites and add them to my digital photo albums or make duplicate copies to send to family members for them to frame if they choose.  Copy machines also make great quality copies to give/send to family members.  Mostly what I do is take a digital picture of their artwork and then just upload it to Snapfish or to my computer's picture program (like Apple's IPhoto).

Here is one of my favorite pictures from one of the first art classes I taught to Sophia last year.

Sophia's Seahorse (1st grade)

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