Thursday, January 5, 2012

What's for lunch? ("Lunch Bags")

When my kids were small (I had my first 5 kids in 7 years) it was difficult to get even just the necessities accomplished, let alone school too.  Lunch time was busy.  Nursing a baby and making lunch, although trust me is do-able, it's not ideal.

Sometimes to reduce that lunchtime chaos I would make the kids' lunches the night before and put them in individual brown lunch bags.  Sometimes I would draw a fun picture on the bag and add their name.  I thought of this because when needed to take a lunch when we went somewhere, I would make these and they would get so excited about their "lunch bag"!  I figured, why not make them even when we're not going somewhere.  I would put in items like a sandwich, pudding with a spoon, fruit, and a juice or milk box.  Maybe cookies. 

They were big hits. And, it made lunch time so much easier.  I haven't done that for years.  Most of the kids can make their own lunch and help the youngest too.  I still often make lunch for everyone because if I make it for one, then others want the same thing. 

I bet if I did again they would get a kick out of it. 

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