Sunday, March 4, 2012

18 birthdays until they leave

We usually plan on our kids to stay in our home for 18 years and then go to college and from there out into the world.  So they have 18 birthdays with us until they leave.

Today my 5th child, Sophia, had her 8th birthday party.  Her 8th birthday is tomorrow.
Tomorrow is a school holiday.

A few years ago, our friend who has 9children and homeschools, told me that the kids' birthdays are days off.  Now, I didn't ask if that meant it was a day off for just that child or for all of the children, but we started taking off on kids' birthdays after that.

For those of you who track school days, you can actually make that day up if you feel the need.  I count every day as a school day so it doesn't really matter if we take a day off here and there.  Every day is a school day even if they don't do the three Rs.  The kids' birthdays are days of, hmm,. let me see... social studies (celebration), home economics (baking and making favorite meals), possibly fine arts- depending on what we do, physical education (we're going swimming), speech (as we say why we are thankful for that child), math (how many things can we fit in on that day and can we afford it?), geography (can we get to where the child wants to go?), weather/science (will the weather allow us to do the activities they want to do that day?) get the idea. 

Some of my kids will still do some of their regular school work tomorrow.   But Sophia will have an alternate school day with a health class (a manicure,) and PE class (swimming), Home-economics (planning a favorite meal), etc.

Here are some pics from her party today...she a fun scavenger hunt that was easy to implement since Steve found the whole thing online and there wasn't much preparation.  Then cake and ice cream, decorating t-shirts and playing games outside. 

We had 2 teams for the scavenger hunt.  Steve and I each went with a team and we gave the teams clues to find certain things and then take a picture of them.  They got points for finding each item and the first team done got extra points. 

It was fun for all!

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