Saturday, March 17, 2012

High School Government Class

Why read about government when you actually learn about it by participating in it? Luke and Josh are going to Colorado Springs with Generation Joshua's IGovern.  It's a one week camp for teens to learn about government by simulating that they are part of the government.

Here's what the website has to say about the camp:
"Imagine a verdant mountain paradise, where students can escape from the stress of life, relax among the sandstone cliffs, and swim in beautiful Eagle Lake. Alas, all is not well in paradise. There are decisions to be made, a nation to govern, and bad policies to fight. Amidst the towering trees, bills are drafted and debated, national and international policies are formulated, and a presidential election hangs in the balance.

 At iGovern, your teen portrays a member of the United States Congress. Our simulation this year focuses on international relations. From the first day of camp, students will be forced to address tough political questions and decide how their faith relates to political decision-making. A presidential election is also underway where your teen can run for office, manage a campaign, or plan a successful fundraising strategy. Winning requires a cogent message and a cohesive team."

  Before they go, the students have to complete some assignments including writing two fictitious bills and reading the US Constitution. 

Students can earn 0.5 high school credits for a government class. 

Will they let moms go?!



  1. Ooo international relations! How exciting!!

  2. I know! I actually think it may be something that Luke might pursue...but I don't think he realizes that yet. Maybe this experience will help him in his search for what he wants to do when he grows up.

  3. It was a camp of sorts that got me interested in government. I went to Girls State before my senior year of high school. I spent 10 days at a conference/camp learning about the different processes of government. I was even elected mayor of my town :) please tell the kids I say hello! I miss y'all so much!