Thursday, March 15, 2012

High School German and Spanish

Oklahoma State University has online, asynchronous German and Spanish courses for homeschoolers.  They offer German I-IV and AP and Spanish I-III and AP.  I'm not sure why German goes to IV and Spanish only to III.  They offer a reduced rate for the German classes for homeschoolers ($250 compared to $389 for the Spanish).

There are so many positive aspects of this online language program.  I can't think of any negatives.  Luke is in German II and Josh will start Spanish II with them next year after completing Spanish I with The Potter's School this year.
  • Students can start the course any time of the year.  The student/parent just tells OSU the preferred start date.  
  •  They don't bill you until after 4 weeks of the student's start date!  Every other online course we've used has required payment when you register.   
  •  Students work at their own pace.  They can finish the course in a few months or a few years.  There is even a summer Spanish program where students can earn one high school credit during the summer.  That's great for students who need to "catch up" or get ahead.  
  •  Each week students talk to an instructor via Skype.  The instructor will assess the student's progress by seeing how much work they've completed and then they will have conversations in Spanish or German with the student.  We even used this course when we lived in Germany and we were able to Skype each week for the "tutor" session.  
  •  The staff at OSU is so receptive, helpful and responsive.  They are wonderful to work with. 

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