Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dual Credit vs. Early Admission

I called the local community college and talked to the representatives about Luke enrolling in dual credit courses.  The rules just changed in Texas so now, instead of having FREE dual credit classes for high school juniors and seniors, private schools now have to PAY for dual credit courses.  Homeschools in Texas are considered private schools. 

The community colleges offer a limited number of courses that are considered dual credit.  So, since we now have to pay for them, and they are limited, the reps suggested having Luke register as an Early Admission student.  Students who are considered early admission can take ANY classes the colleges offer and the price is the same as dual credit courses.  There are some other differences, but registering as an Early Admission student now makes more sense than taking dual credit classes since the price is the same and the student can choose from so many more classes. An Early Admission student is actually a university student just like one who graduated from high school and starts college there;  students can start college at age 16.

In the past I hesitated to have Luke take dual enrollment classes at the community colleges (even when they were free) because the content would be from a secular worldview vs. a Biblical worldview.  

So, I started looking at online dual enrollment classes at Christian colleges.  A few months ago I contacted Grand Canyon University (GCU) about their dual credit and they sent me a list of classes they offer.  It's a substantial list.  It costs about the same as the community college courses. Now, I am pursuing the GCU, or other Christian colleges, dual credit route.  Liberty University offers them too and I'm getting more information from them.

Choices are becoming infinite when it comes to homeschooling from K-college!
Luke won't necessarily complete his college degree online, but there is that possibility.  He can snowboard or mountain bike by day and work on college courses by night anywhere in the world.

Josh wants to get as much college work during high school as possible.  He isn't interested in the "college experience".

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