Monday, March 5, 2012

Kids' dirty clothes means it was a fun day.

Where we live the kids play outside almost every day.  It seems that the dirtier they are the more fun the day was.  

Yesterday, during Sophia's birthday party we were outside and I saw grass stains on the knees of Levi's jeans.  A 3 yo with grass stains.  Here are these munchkin-sized jeans with grass stains the sized of toddler knees.  Too cute. 

I don't know if I've ever seen grass stains that small before.  Of course they didn't look small compared to the size of his jeans.   I don't know what he was doing to get them, but they were cool and I'm kinda hoping I won't be able to get the stains out!

Sophia had a fun birthday today.  We treated her like a queen for the day including Jesse getting up and making her chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.  We topped the day off by going to see the movie, The Lorax.

Sophia's birthday pancake breakfast complete with candle, and Jesse the Chef.

Sophia's tradition now is to get her nails "done" on her birthday!

Sophia took Hannah (and Levi)  to get frozen yogurt!

Opening presents!!

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