Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Homeschool conference for bloggers


You must teach what is in accord with sound doctrine. ~ Titus 2:1 


The 2:1 Conference is the premier conference for Christian bloggers who homeschool (or plan to homeschool) their children.  We're here to encourage and equip you in your personal journeys of faith, blogging, homeschooling and motherhood.  Our desire is to help you grow all these in His grace. 

Wow!  I get to go to a homeschool conference!  A rare, coveted occurrence for me.  

Years ago, I went a few hours away for a huge, "real" homeschool conference.  It was soooo beneficial.  I could get my hands on so many types of curriculum and talk to others who used it...and be in the presence of others like me.  I was living in rural Louisiana at the time so there weren't a lot of others "like me".  

Since then, I've been able to attend one conference about an hour away and  I even got to stay overnight leaving a nursing little guy at home!  Additionally, I've quickly run through about 2 other homeschool conferences. 

This one is unique in that it is geared toward homeschoolers and bloggers!  How fascinating.

Anyone else going?


  1. May I make blog topic requests? How about a blog comparaing the difference between Tapestry of Grace and Sonlight curriculums...would love your insight based on using both curriculums. Thanks for all your love and support Sue!

  2. Thanks for the request. I'll do it. I have to write it down so I don't forget to do it! That sounds good. I was thinking of blogging about if I was starting over, or starting with just one child, what would I use. Maybe I can work the two topics into one piece. They are my top two choices for curriculum.