Saturday, March 3, 2012

Looking for science curriculum for next year.

I looked into Switched on Schoolhouse which is a dvd based program.  On subject I am looking for is high school chemistry.  When I contacted the rep about this program he answered that he wouldn't consider it a college preparatory chemistry course.  I asked a Home School Legal Defense high school counselor about it too and she said if the rep says it's not college prep then go by that.  She said that in her experience she thought Apologia was a more rigorous chemistry program. 

 Luke will take a 2 day chemistry lab intensive this month with Landry Academy giving him all the required labs he needs for a high school college prep chemistry lab course and he will also write detailed lab reports.  I am leaning towards adding in the DIVE cd-rom program with the Apologia Chemistry book for next school year and possibly the additional book and course load that will make it an AP class

I'm not sure labeling something "AP" on a transcript means much unless the student passes the AP test.  I need to find out about that...

Below are pictures from our Small Group Hike this morning.  It was a beautiful day for a hike!!

Three families and 2 additional neighbor kids.

Jesse and Sam

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