Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend activities

This weekend was the start of the spring soccer season for many local club soccer teams.  Luke played two games, Josh played two games and Caroline played two games.

As I was taking Caroline to an early game yesterday I listened to a voicemail on my cell (I don't do that very often) and I found out that Jesse had his baseball assessment right at that time.  So, I ran (drove) home picked him up and took him the assessment which was on the field across from Caroline's game.

I got some sunburn this weekend since I sat outside watching soccer games for two days and it was hot and sunny.  Summer has started in south central Texas.  Time to stock up on sunscreen.

It feels like I skimped on school prep...I made the schedules for this week, briefly looked at the history and geography lessons, and I still need to read the Bible lesson for tomorrow before going to bed.

I did, however, find out some good info from my neighbor about how kids apply to West Point.  And, she said that not everyone who gets accepted has 1400 SAT scores!  Some have significantly lower scores.  So there is hope that if my kids want to go there, not sure if any of them do, they might actually have a chance if their SAT scores aren't "up there."  We considering having Luke attend the week long leadership camp there after his junior year.

I also created a budget for Steve and I.  We need it.

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