Monday, March 26, 2012

The Quadrangle, Fort Sam Houston

Today after school I took Jesse and Levi to the Quadrangle to see and feed the animals.  Boy it's spring time there.  Plants, animals, people. 

The Quadrangle is a mile or less form our house so Jesse and I walked and Levi rode his bike.  The Quadrangle was built between 1876 and 1879 as part of Fort Sam Houston.  It's in the register of National Register of Historic Places

Jesse by a strutting peacock.  By the way, the strutting peacocks will still eat the lettuce leaves even when they are busy trying to attract a mate.

Levi was excited to be by the animals.

Some of the nine deer resting in their shaded area.  The Quadrangle is bringing in a pregnant deer in the next few months.  So, soon there will be 2 fawns...maybe they will get a buck or two.

The deer ate right out of Jesse's hand.  That red rooster chased Levi all over the Quadrangle!

We'll have goslings soon!

This is one of the bushes that Luke and Josh helped to plant during Ryan S.'s Eagle Scout project last year.  And now, it's not only thriving, but it's a nesting area.  See below for larger scale pic.

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