Sunday, March 18, 2012

My curriculum for next year!

Ooooh, I had some time to myself to do some homeschool planning!!!!  Steve ended up taking the kids to the beach (2.5 hours away) at Corpus Christi all day on Friday.  I spent half the day doing wash and the other half planning our school for next year!  Wow, what a relief.  In the past, I've had to fit this in during the wee hours of the night.  What a difference it made to do it during a weekday and during daylight. 

And, now I can start our week post-Spring-Break school not behind!!   I didn't say, "ahead", most likely because I'm not sure what that looks like, but wow, not behind is awesome!

While I was surfing the web during my planning I came upon a wonderful website for homeschoolers.  The Homeschool Helper:

My plan is coming along really well so far....

 For next year:  Luke 11th grade, Josh 9th grade, Caroline 7th grade, Jesse 5th grade, Sophia 3rd grade and Levi age 3.

Luke- Pre-Calc with Teaching Textbooks (TT)
Josh- Algebra 2 or Geometry with TT
Caroline- Math-U-See MUS) Pre-Algebra
Jesse- finish TT 6 and start TT 7
Sophia- MUS Gamma

Language Arts (reading/literature, writing, spelling, grammar, typing)
Luke- Tapestry of Grace (TOG) Literature Lite Year 3 online
           Writing- Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) Elegant Essay, Teaching the                
            Classics and       Windows on the World
Josh- TOG Literature Lite Year 3 online
          Writing- same as Luke
          Grammar- finish Analytical Grammar (AG)
           Typing- ? (Going to look into the program that TOG uses.)
Caroline- TOG literature Upper Grammar and/or Dialectic
                 Writing- IEW Continuation Course
                  Spelling - IEW
                  Grammar- AG first season
                  typing- ?
Jesse- TOG literature Upper Grammar
           Writing- IEW with Caroline
           Spelling- IEW'
           Printing/cursive- Handwriting Without Tears (HWT)
           Grammar- waiting until next year for AG (he finishes AG junior this year)

Sophia- TOG literature Lower Grammar
             Spelling- Spelling Workout C
             Grammar- Finish First Language Lessons
             Cursive- HWT
             Writing- IEW

Either continue with Foundations (2) or have Luke, Josh and Caroline do Apologia Apologetics Online and Jesse, Sophia and Levi do Foundations 2

All- TOG Year 3

Luke- Chemistry  either with DIVE dvd and Apologia or community college

Josh- Biology (Apologia) with DIVE dvd and probably Landry Academy 2 day Lab Intensive
Caroline- Apologia General Science with me or recorded class with Apologia
Jesse and Sophia- Apologia elementary- not sure which ones.  I'm thinking of having a tutor come to
      the house to do science with Jesse and Sophia.

Foreign Language
Luke German 3 with Oklahoma State
Josh Spanish 2 with Oklahoma State
All- Latin with Memoria Press independent study

Nothing is "in stone", but that's my initial plan so far.  What do you think? Any suggestions??!

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