Friday, March 9, 2012

One year of Chemistry Labs in 2 days...

Luke completed one year of Chemistry labs in 2 full (9 hour) days.   He wasn't too excited about doing his biology labs last year and I didn't have time to help him with each one.  I had a tutor help him with a few and I helped with some of the others.  So when I found this 2 day lab intensive with Landry Academy I signed him up.  It went very well.  He did a ton of math...used his graphing calculator and even learned how to do some additional functions on it from another student.  
 The students had to write up lab reports and the teacher aimed to have them write one that would suffice for a college level write-up so they are prepared when they get to college.  

I plan to have Josh attend the Biology intensive next year.  

Adoption update:  We are waiting until the fall to continue the adoption process...

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