Friday, October 14, 2011

"Am I just a widdle big Mom?"

 Levi is so excited about the Oktoberfest on post this weekend.  The other night when he was going to bed he said, "What time does the Oktoberfest start?"  He wants to go on the swing ride that he saw them putting up, but I said it might be for bigger people. He really wants to go on it and today he said, "Am I just a widdle big Mom?"  Too cute.

We had speech class today.  Sophia, Jesse and Caroline all had to memorize a poem or Bible verse and recite it today.  I didn't see any of them doing it, but it went well for all of them.   After the kids recite, the other kids critique them-  what they did well and what they can improve on.  We meet in a church about 40 minutes away.

Here's a few pics.....

See Jesse in the back by the orange bag?

See Sophia in the back?

The teen class...Luke and Josh laughing.

Teens teach the teens...

The San Antonio Group

Luke, Josh, Caroline, Olivia and Aislyn

Today's Bible Study:
Gen 45-46
Israel (Jacob) sets out to go to Egypt. This is the beginning of the
time that Israel dwells in the land of Egypt. The sons and families
of Jacob prospered in Egypt for many years; however, we read in
Exodus, that they eventually became slaves to the Egyptians. God
will hear the cries of his people and, again, deliver them gloriously.
God takes care of His people. God works all things together for
good to those who love Him.

Gen 46:1-6
Jacob, who is also called Israel, headed to Egypt with his family. He
made a sacrifice to God, and God spoke to Jacob in a vision. God
gave Jacob the promise that he would make a great nation of Jacob
in Egypt. God also promised he would bring the nation back again.
(This promise, the exodus, would be fulfilled 400 years later.)
Sometimes, God asks us to do new and difficult things, but He
promises to be with us, to guide us, and to provide for us. God
works all things together for good to those who love Him.

GENES 46:31-34
Joseph and his father’s family were all shepherds. The Egyptians
did not respect shepherds, but Joseph made sure that the
Egyptians knew his family tended sheep. This allowed Joseph’s
family to live apart from the Egyptians and establish themselves as
a separate nation, just as God had promised to make of them. They
maintained a separate identity and did not become like the

Gen 50:15-21
It is amazing how that God can turn the things that were meant for
evil into things that are good. If we go through a difficult time, we
can be confident, God will turn things meant for evil to things that
are good for us too! Romans 8:31 declares, “If God is for us, who
can be against us? We can give Him all our cares and trust Him. If
we have Joseph’s attitude and realize that God is working for good
in our lives, we will not be bitter about our circumstances. God
works all things together for good to those who love Him.

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