Sunday, October 2, 2011

A bike ride, 4 soccer games, Homecoming dance clothes shopping, and a family meal out!

(Written  on SATURDAY but posted on Sunday.  Better late than never.)

Steve and I went for a bike ride this morning for about an hour and 20 minutes.  We went through downtown San Antonio to the south side of the city, through the King William district with the beautiful old homes, and then back home.  Steve dropped Luke off at his game so he could cheer for his team from the side line.  ):  The team won.  I was secretly hoping they would lose making it seem obvious they would lose without Luke on the team.  God is keeping me humble, though - they won 5-2 without him.

I dropped Jesse off at the PX so he could sell Cub Scout popcorn for a few hours before his soccer game.  Then I dropped Caroline off for her game, came home and got a shower, then back to her game with Levi  and his Epi-Pen.  I met Steve there and gave him the snacks for the team- today was our day to provide snacks.  Then I went to pick up Luke at his game and to take him clothes shopping before going to Jesse's game.  Steve picked Jesse up from popcorn sales and dropped him at his game before heading to Schertz with Josh for his game....minus the Epi-Pen...  Caroline said he got bit by an ant.  Steve said you could barely tell, just a little red mark around the site.  That's great.  Maybe he won't react ever again.

Luke and found a vest and pants he liked at Dillard's.  The 2 pieces were $150.  We looked around some more and found a great vest/pants set, plus 2 shirts(one light purple and one blue) with 2 ties, and 2 pair of argyle socks- one with matching purple and one with matching blue!  With the 30% discount I got for opening a JC Penny credit card, everything was only $90! Everything fits well and looks really nice on him.  I was so excited.   He was too, on the inside.  He said it was hard to show how excited he was because of his hurt shoulder...whatever (:   He'll out grow the pants by the spring.  We'll have to move at least 3 times before Josh can fit into them.  And, in about 6 years, Jesse could be wearing them if I can move them around and pull them out of the "Attic Store" at the precise time.  (The Attic Store is the fancy name for the hand-me-downs I store in the Attic.)

It's been cold here the past few days.  Well, cold in the mornings.  As low as 79 degrees.  The kids have started wearing sweatshirts.  It's still in the 90's during the day. 

We all went out to eat!!  To "John the Greeks".  It was like eating in a foreign country, but speaking English! We all enjoyed it.  I think we enjoyed it more because we rarely go out to eat.

Before we left I finally one of my neighbors who I wanted to invite to our new service at church.  I didn't think they went to church anywhere.  Anyway, they are a wonderful family with 3 small children.  The husband and I were in the same unit at Fort Benning and we deployed to Desert Storm together.  I had a great conversation with "K" and it turns out they go to the Catholic service on post.  She said that she is always interested in seeing other worship services so she'll talk to her husband about going with us sometime.

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