Wednesday, October 19, 2011


 Snippet 1:
 You have to watch the whole progression of this school-time activity....

It starts out innocent enough.

Luke said , "You have to take a picture!"


What a picture!  He's 2.

Time to clean up.  Back to school.

Snippet 2:  Caroline at horse riding lessons today.  She's learning to jump!

Snippet 3:
From last April....Josh fishing and Levi's my blog so I can post "old" clips if I want.

Snippet 4:  Welcome to my world.  We are teaching our 10 month old Golden Retriever, Darby, to "come".  Well tonight when I was leaving to take one of the kids to soccer, I said "come" to Levi so he would come from the kitchen to the front door to get in the car.  Immediately Darby comes.  So I have to explain to the dog in people language that I was talking to Levi and not to her.  I'm sure she understood every word.  

Snippet 5:  For years I've gone to bed and when my head hits the pillow and my eyes close (not sure which actually comes first), I think/thought, "What didn't I do today?"  About 2 years ago I somehow realized I should change that to, "What did I do today?"  Now, I sometimes skip the whole "what didn't I do" part and just go to "what did I do".  Well, today I didn't get to do Sophia's language lesson (gasp!- she's 7 so there's time to catch up), and we didn't read her history book about Marco Polo.  I don't know why I get stuck on the what-I-didn't-dos.  When we lived in Washington state, the compulsory age for starting school was 8.  Yup.  Kiddos didn't (don't) have to start school until they turn 8.  I could hold off for a few months on Sophia's school.  Hmmm. 

We did study Genghis Kahn and Kublai Kahn today.  They formed the Yuan Empire in the late 1200's, the biggest land empire ever, by brutality and destruction.   The empire was relatively short-lived, possibly in part due to the family divided it after Kublai Kahn's death.

 Snippet 6:  Josh got really sick right before his piano lesson today, so when the teacher came I had to tell her he couldn't have a lesson today.  She was understanding and sweet.  He had a headache and his stomach felt bad.  He slept most of the afternoon.  Tylenol finally helped and he ate some soup and toast. 

Snippet 7:  The phone rang during Luke's soccer practice at about 8:30 tonight.  Right away I thought it was him calling saying he got hurt again. I'm a little concerned that something like a dislocated shoulder will happen again.   But, it was Steve calling from the DC area. He's there for a course this week.  He called last night in the evening and we had about 3 uninterrupted minutes of conversation when a loud, high-pitched scream started from somewhere in the house.  It was Levi calling me from the upstairs bathroom.  I told Steve to hold on while I checked it out.  Josh, was in his nearby bedroom but had not heard the obstreperous screaming.  Well, Levi was on the potty which was now clogged due to the immense of TP he put in it.  The floor and wall had toilet paper stuck to it.  I wasn't sure how toilet paper was stuck to the wall but I told Levi I had to go get the plunger and I'd be right back. 
 I picked up the phone and told Steve I had to go to unclog the potty, clean up the toilet paper and get Sophia to gymnastics in the next 5 minutes.   Welcome to my world again.  

Snippets:   Were the snippets about school?  I don't know.  Life is school.  School is life. 

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  1. I LOVE the pictures of Mr Pudding face and so excited to see Caroline jumping ... Yeeeyah!