Thursday, October 6, 2011

I don't have to take the trash out!

I don't have to take the trash can to the curb twice a week while Steve is gone because now Steve ISN'T going to Afghanistan!  Yeah!   He thought he was leaving at the end of this month and that he would be gone for 6 months. 

And, some other wild news.  Luke is now on his soccer club team's "Pre-Academy" team.  This team is 2 levels of play above the club team he's on now.  About 5-6 boys on his team were asked to join this Pre-Academy team, in addition to their regular team.  It happened all of the sudden.  Last night the coach said some boys would be practicing with the other team, and today we filled out paperwork for them to play with the Pre-Academy this weekend.  The pre-Academy and Academy teams are geared for kids who want to play soccer beyond high school.  

Today Luke had a math tutor come and review some geometry concepts with him.  She said that his math is a rigorous curriculum (Teaching Textbooks) and that she would consider it Pre-AP.  He's almost done his geometry and he'll be starting Algebra 2 soon.  I need to order that!

Jesse is doing so much better and not getting stressed out about school like he was last year. He loves the robotics class and is doing well with the new spelling (Excellence in Spelling), writing (Excellence in Writing) and math (Teaching Textbooks). 

We are enjoying using Story of the World as the spine history book and doing numerous activities along with it.  Today Sophia, Jesse, Caroline and I made curds and whey.  The peasants in the middle ages ate it after their meal.  The curds are like cottage cheese.  We just tossed the whey.  To make it we heated whole milk until just boiling.  Then we added while vinegar and it curdled.  They thought that reaction was cool/beast.  Some of them liked the curds, and some didn't.  It tastes like cottage cheese. 

Tomorrow everybody goes to speech class and the 1-6 graders start their class.  Hopefully they will enjoy it.  I'll probably have to hang out somewhere else with Levi. 

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