Thursday, October 27, 2011

Levi played by himself for the first time "evah"

Well, maybe not the first time "ever", but he was playing quietly and happily with Legos that Jesse gave him today. I was so excited. Normally when he's awake, he is needing something. Now, he started going outside by himself and going to the neighbor's house when the kids are playing in their back yard.

Today Luke received an invitation to become a member of The National Society of High School Scholars!  It's an international honor society for high school students in public, private or home school.  I was so excited that I went online to look for a bumper sticker so I could, you know, show off.  Unfortunately the closest one I found was one that said, "My Rat Terrier is smarter than your honor student."  I thought about getting it anyway.  I'm hoping that he'll at least get a break on car insurance when he gets his driver's license. 

I really need to add a few more classes to our school for this year.  I'm not sure if that means we'll continue with speech next semester.  I think we will because the kids all like it.  Now, there are many people who would NOT like anything having to do with a speech class.  Maybe that's just adults...?   Since they like it so much, and since it is so beneficial in life, I think we'll keep going.  They do the homework without me even mentioning it.  It's uncanny.  Oh, I need to have Josh pick back up on his grammar.  He kind of got jipped last year and I need to have him get re-started.  Trouble is, it's a new program for him and I think there may be an adjustment period, plus I need to fit in the time to do it with him AND for him find time in his schedule too.  So, I procrastinate.   I could easily find a bizillion homeschoolers who would concur that grammar doesn't need to be taught as a separate subject, that it can be taught on as needed basis as you find gaps in their writing.  But, I'm a little more deliberate in my teaching than that.  And also, I need to start up his writing program again.  I guess it put it off because it takes (my) time and it's not one of his favorite subjects.  Also, the speech class incorporates writing so that could really be considered their writing.   I teach him and Luke together because, presumably, I'm getting more bang for my buck that way.  So, yes, I need to start Luke's writing class again too.  Sometime this year....

I better go.  Steve is on patrol and he'll ask me if I'm still on the computer and if I need to get to sleep- which I do.

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