Monday, October 17, 2011

Do I like homeschooling?

Since my conversation yesterday with Tara about her missing homeschooling, I've really been thinking about whether I like homeschooling.  Until yesterday my answer was pretty much,  "No, but I feel called."  But then my neighbor, Jen, and I were talking about Todd Wilson's homeschool comics, and one of them has a woman who is graduating her last child realizing that after 22 years of homeschooling, she likes homeschooling.  I don't want to be like that. If I like homeschooling, I want to realize it now, not when I'm done.   

I don't think I need to change what I'm doing as much as what I'm thinking.  Actually, I'm not sure that I like running that much (and I run marathons!).  I like the accomplishment.  I like burning enough calories to justify eating my requisite (daily) chocolate.  Ah ha.  Homeschooling is like running a marathon.  I'm not sure if that's helpful insight.  It was during my first marathon that I realized the race wasn't just 26 miles.  Marathons are 26.2 miles.  When we were close to the 26th mile, the guy I was running with said, "Only 0.2 more miles."  What?!  I couldn't believe I didn't know about that extra 0.2.  I wanted to be done at 26.  It really wasn't much more than I planned, but mentally I was planning to be done at 26.  I saw a t-shirt at a recent marathon that said, "Marathons:  desire trumping reason."  I guess that could be a homeschool t-shirt too, "Homeschooling:  desire trumping reason."  I kinda like that. 

After reading Lee Binz's article on cooking the other day, I started to think that maybe it's not the homeschooling I don't like but keeping up with the home part...wash, cooking, cleaning- yuk.  And the interruptions make it hard too.  Todd Wilson has another cartoon that makes me laugh so hard I cry.  It's of the homeschooling mom trying to explain what an adjective is and getting interrupted so many times that after an hour and a half she finally explains adjectives.   "An adjective you can't go to the bathroom now...An adjective it's not lunch time...An adjective you can't get a drink..." (Todd Wilson).

Moving on....Josh is no longer doing logic class this semester.  He seemed to have too much going on and I thought he needed his workload decreased a little.  He still has a few more years to take a logic class. 

Today after school I worked on Josh's Eagle Scout Court of Honor which is the ceremony where he receives his Eagle rank.   The scout and his family can format the ceremony the way they wish.  I took Luke's and tweaked it to shorten it.  Josh wants his short and sweet followed only by simply cake and punch.  The ceremony is this Sunday. 

Sophia, my 7 yo, is studying seed germination so we have some seeds in their warm, wet place, well, germinating.  Here's some pictures....

Lima beans in wet felt.

I think these are the cucumber seeds...

Seed germination is occurrs when growth of the radicle bursts through the seed coat and protrudes as a young root...see the root?!  We have a bursting radicle.

Lingering in our kitchen....the felt with the seeds stays wet in the glass jar.

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