Saturday, October 8, 2011

Luke's first dance.

Caroline, Jesse and Josh had soccer games today.  Luke has a game scheduled with the new Pre-Academy team tomorrow, but we found out this evening that it's cancelled. 

Last night we invited Morgan to come back this weekend and hang out with us while George and Natalie attend Trinity homecoming events.  We called this morning to see if she could come stay with us.  She could!  She came after Caroline's game and then went to Josh's game.  Everyone is very excited to have her here.  We'll see how long we can keep her!!   She sings and plays the piano and did a little of that for us today.  She sings beautifully.  She would be great on American Idol.

Luke was invited to go with a group of friends to the Cole High School Homecoming dance.  These are a great group of kids, most of whom live in our neighborhood.  

Here's Luke in his new dance clothes....

They met at Colin's house for pictures.  The boys arrived first, surprise, and they looked smashing!

Then came the sweet, beautiful girls....

The dance is over at midnight.  Then the kids go to Colin's house for the "after party" and then the boys sleep over at Nick's. 

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