Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ice Cream Social Day!!

I didn't get to send this until Sat, but I wrote it on Friday.......Yesterday (Thursday) I tried the soaking-the-feet thing with Levi again, putting him in the room with a few of us.  I had to do something else and left the room.  After a little while he got up too.  I just left the basin with water in it in the dining room. I leave a towel under it for spillage.  Well I realized it had been there for awhile and what he was doing was putting his feet in and out and just getting up and walking around as evidenced by the wet feet marks all over the hardwood floor.  He enjoyed it.

Today we went to our homeschool group's Ice Cream Social.  Steve stopped by for a little while too, although you probably can't see him in this because he's wearing camouflage. (:

The "S" family joined us!!  

 Here's the line(s) for ice cream and toppings.

 Here's Matthew looking cool while serving.

The kids all had fun.  Lots of relaxed homeschoolers.

This week at the Army hospital parking lot a man was driving a car and had a heart attack.  A soldier mom was pushing her 17 month old child in a stroller and the man hit and killed the baby.  Just like that.  The man died too.  You never know what will happen.  I don't know how people who don't know have a relationship with Jesus handle something like that.

Then, at the Ice Cream Social, I met a mom and her 5 yo boy.  Her older son died last spring (2010).  I had read an email from her introducing herself to our group and she said that her older son died last year.  So, when I met her I knew that much.  We got to talk for awhile and walk in the woods...I mean chase after our kids in the woods.  We talked about the soldier who just lost her baby.  She said her son died due to an accident and she doesn't know anybody gets through something like that if they don't know Jesus.  She wants to meet the mom to see if she can help.

A mom in our group, who I never met before, sent out a request for someone to take her girls to the ice cream social because she was having a miscarriage.  I emailed her to see if anyone offered and she said no, so I offered.  I can relate to having a miscarriage and having to take care of your other kids at the same time.  I've had 5 miscarriages.  She and her husband actually brought the girls to the park and I just kept my eye on them (one of my 6 eyes) and take them home.  It was so nice to have the girls in the car.  Sophia and the 7 yo sat in the back and had a grand time talking and laughing.  And the 10 yo got to sit in the middle row with Levi.  They talked the whole way!   I told her I was going to keep her in the car with me because he usually says, "Mom"....."Mom"....."Mom", filled in with some conversation, the entire ride.

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