Saturday, October 8, 2011

A night with the Roarkes!!

 I didn't get to post yesterday, so I'm doing it now.  

A really good thing about living on the military post is that so many of our friends pass through for meetings and courses, allowing us to spend time with our really good friends who we wouldn't other wise get to see. 

I finished reading a book called Castles to Sophia and Caroline.  Jesse had already read it twice- he found it interesting.  So did we.   

Luke had his Exercise  Physiology class yesterday and he really likes it.  I watched for a little and the teacher had pictures of muscles so we Luke and I talked about some of them a little.  

I did a few things to get ready for the Roarke's visit and then we got ready for Speech class.  Today was the first day of an 8 week class for 5-11 yos  (Beginning Speech Class).  Sophia was very excited.  Jesse was excited and Caroline wanted to opt out.  Steve came home and kept Levi home although all Levi could talk about all day was Speech class...."Are we going to Speech class today?"   He had no idea what that meant, he just loves being included.  

The BSC started and some of the older kids (12-18 yos) ran the class.  They made some introductions, gave some examples of the correct way to speak in public (and even when talking one-on-one), and then they broke the kids up into smaller groups based on age.  The younger kids all had to stand up in front of the group and speak- introducing themselves and maybe telling their favorite food/color, etc.  Caroline said her group didn't do public speaking.  They played a game where they had to describe a word without using certain words in the description.  It is a very good way to practice impromptu speaking!  The 5-11 yos all have homework.  They have to memorize a poem or Bible verse.   They all liked it and want to go back again.

I watched Luke and Josh's class a little.  They were doing "interp".  They were interpreting (acting out) a story.  Their group had "Little Red Riding Hood" and they enjoyed it immensely.  Their homework is to bring 2 books that they can use for interp next week. 

We knew that the Roarkes were coming last night and everyone was excited to see them.   Steve and I worked together to make the dinner.  (What kind of work?...Teamwork.)   After dinner the kids all went to see Shrek on post, so "us adults" were able to  It was so nice.  
We haven't seen each other in FIVE years or so.

Then the kids came back, Levi went to bed, and the rest of us sat around until really late listening to George's stories.  He always gets Steve cracking up so hard that Steve can barely stand it.  I'm not sure which is funnier, the stories or Steve's laugh.  Everyone loved the Vodoo lady story.  Here's the famous line from the story..."You wuz a dawg befoor you wuz a ma-an."

Here's pics of the spellbound crowd....

Morgan, Caroline, Jesse, Steve and Natalie

Natalie, Luke, Josh and George

Sophia and Morgan

"And there I was.  And I was afraid.  And I'm not afraid of much. This is a true story."

Steve ( :

George, Morgan and Natalie

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