Monday, October 3, 2011

Tidbits....and three more Christmases with Luke before he graduates, and Steve IS going to Afghanistan

Darby joins us for Bible.  Sophia brings Darby's bed in for her to lay on.

I was going to skip this week's Bible reading, because it's stories that we've read before numerous times, until I saw the daily themes on the Calvary website and I figured we could find something to apply to our lives.  Today's theme was everybody is different, but we're all part of God's family.  We read about the son's (and daughter) of Jacob.  Leah is actually the mother of Levi, whose people became the priests and she is the mother of Judah who is in the line of Jesus.  They were Leah's, not  Rachel's, Jacob's beloved. 

On Mondays I give out weekly schedules to everyone.   It's a little different this year because our history and literature begin on Wednesdays, not Mondays.  It's actually nice in a way. That way everything isn't starting on Monday and ending on Friday.  The varying start days make it less stressful.  I still have Caroline and Jesse's grammar Monday - Friday and Sophia's Spelling.   But other subjects are more flexible this year.

After Bible, usually Luke and Josh go start their work.  Some days they have an online class at 0900.  Caroline's German is on Mondays at 0900.  So, each day I start Sophia's subjects with her.  Caroline and Jesse start with math (except Mondays for Caroline and Tuesdays for Jesse- robotics day).

Here is what I do with Sophia generally....

reading (Sophia is still learning so we have daily reading lessons)
language (First Language Lessons)  It has grammar and memory work.
read to herself
literature (I read to her)- The Making of a Knight
Bible- learning OT books and with Josh too.   The others know them.

I spend most of my time with Sophia and then with  Jesse and Caroline.

Caroline and Jesse today
grammar class
Caroline's German
writing- helped type Caroline's final copy and review both of their final copies.  Writing class is tomorrow.
Jesse's cursive.
We'll do history tomorrow.

Caroline and I made Medieval Meat Pies for dinner tonight.  She will get the meal ready when I am Sophia's follow-up appt for her ankles.

Caroline's Medieval Meat Pie- Yum!!

Some things I do with Luke and Josh...
Bible class
Go over Logic homework
Check Josh's Spanish homework and quizzes sometimes
Grade Luke's math tests, help him with math homework
Grade Josh's science tests and go over his labs and science homework.

Trying to get Luke into PT asap for his shoulder.

The kids have weekly chores today and since they didn't do them last week, they are going to do them again on Thursday!  So I think everybody but Jesse has done their chores today- I think Jesse is waiting for Levi to wake up.

I want to have Caroline, Josh and Luke able to make a few meals for dinner for the family. 1) so they know how to cook a few meals,  2) for times when I need help!

My plan is to start having the kids learn how to cook a turkey dinner before they leave home.  Show them one year, help them the next and let them be in charge during their senior year, something like that.  Luke will start this year or next. 

Yesterday I went to the commissary and they had Advent calendars.  I get the kids one each year.  I realized that after this year, I will only be able to by one for Luke for 2 more years.  ):  Then, most likely, he'll be gone.  Hopefully he'll be home for holidays, but I don't know.  Sigh......

On the way to Sophia's appt I finally got an appt for Luke for PT for tomorrow!  It took both Steve and I a big part of the day to get it.  Steve finally talked to the right person who admitted that it was possible to make an appt today- he just had to keep calling and asking until he asked the right question to the right person.  It literally took me 30 minutes on one phone call to schedule an appt for tomorrow.   Sophia is just having growing pains and is doing much better!  The doc offered to see my for my plantar faciitis.  :)

Levi went down for his nap before I left for Sophia's appt and he was still asleep when I got home.  He didn't even know I was gone!

I think I average about 2-5 doctor/dentist/orthodontist appts/week.  And that's for healthy kids.  This week there are far. I also need  Josh a haircut before he changes his mind.

This evening Luke said his  shoulder is getting better.

Caroline and Josh had soccer practice, but I wouldn't let Luke go to his although he wanted to.  He went to the gym to ride the stationary bike.

Not an after thought by any means, but Steve heard last week that he might go to Afghanistan.  This is the 2nd time this month this has come up but for 2 different taskings.  He's been trying to find out details and finally got the confirmation today, that yes, the general officer who asked for Steve by name really did mean that he wants Steve to go with him.  He will leave around the end of the month or the beginning of next.  And when will he come back?  Hopefully in less than 6 months.  Military orders are easy to change so nothing is certain.  It's the unknown.  Usually the unknown is the hardest, in my experience.   My experience also has me not really getting excited about anything until it's actually happening.  Once he gets his orders,  I guess it will actually be happening.

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