Saturday, October 22, 2011

Luke scored a goal today!!

 After a day of soccer games from San Antonio to somewhere 100 miles away (for Josh's game), our family went out to eat, a rarity for us.  We were thrilled to have Colin join us too.  We ate at Chris Madrid's hamburger place.  A local eatery.  Excellent!

This is from January 2010.  I had posted it on Facebook and I wondered if it was still there in Facebook cyberspace.  I found it and here it is....

(JAN 2010)  Steve is gone at Scout camp with Luke and Josh, snowboarding, etc. I got dinner for Caroline, Jesse and Sophia and grabbed something for myself and was feeding some of it to Levi when he started to throw up. So I did what moms holding babies who are throwing up do, I caught it in my skirt to save the rug, etc.
Caroline comes upstairs and says Sophia threw up. I have Caroline watch Levi, who I had put  in the tub, and I go check out what's going on downstairs. Apparently Jesse had something yucky on his face, which most likely  escaped from his nose and he was getting a tissue. I guess carrying it on the end of his finger grossed out Sophia and she threw up her cucumber which made Jesse throw up his dinner all over the floor. 

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