Sunday, October 30, 2011

Soccer game(s) and pumpkin carving (Sat and Sunday)

Today we went to church and then Steve took Jesse to a soccer game and I took Caroline to hers along with Sophia and Levi.  Caroline scored 2 goals!!

The Youth Pastor preached today on 2 Corinthians.  He spoke about the key words in chapters one and two.  One of the main things that I remember is that he spoke of how important relationships are.  He quoted Dobson, saying that kids can't just have rules, they need a relationship to go along with those rules.  Just like when "the people" said to Jesus, "we did all these good things"...  He said, "yes, but you never knew me."  What we do doesn't matter, how we know someone  does.  

Here are our high temps from today through next Monday. 

79° 81° 84° (Nov 1st)  87° 73° 79° 88° 87° 83°

 Novemeber looks pretty nice! 

Here are some pics from Josh's soccer game yesterday.


Josh #27

Josh on the right of the photo

Caroline, Hannah and Sophia

Levi ate his lunch as he watched the game.

Here is the really cool pumpkin that Caroline, Jesse, Sophia and Levi helped carve.  Luke and Josh were at Youth Group party.

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