Thursday, September 29, 2011

Luke couldn't move his arm today.

I let Luke sleep in since we got home so late.  We started school a little late and skipped Bible class.  I was hoping to do it at dinner time tonight.  Surprisingly, that didn't happen.  

I took Levi to his allergy appointment.  We found out a month ago that he is allergic to fire ant bites.  The doctor said he may never have a problem again if he's bit, or it could be worse.  We need to have an Epi-Pen with us in case he's bitten again and has a reaction to the bites.  Texas has tons of fire ants. 

He is a little young to get allergy shots.  I opted not to get them for him.  This allergy makes him inelligible for military service unless he gets a waiver.  If he has no more reactions for fire ants, then at 16 he will be considered not to have the allergy anymore.  

Speaking of military service...I had to ask a second doc about eligibility for military service for Luke.  His arm was still very painful today and he said he couldn't abduct it.  That's an indication of rotator cuff injury.  I thought maybe he tore a muscle in his shoulder.  We got an appointment for today! At the appointment,  Luke was actually able to lift his arm, it just hurt a lot.  So, he has a referral to PT and needs to rest his shoulder.  He can't play his game on Sat.  Fortunately he has no games scheduled for nest weekend so he won't miss any that weekend!  He plans to ride a stationary bike to keep up his cardiovascular exercise.  

Turns out the Air Force doc he saw also had a history of shoulder dislocation.  I asked if it was before he went into the Air Force because I was wondering if this would keep him from military service. The doc said he doesn't even think he mentioned it on his application/physical.  

Oh, he won't be able to bag for awhile either.  He goes back to the doctor next week for  a follow-up.  Hopefully he'll heal quickly.

Below:  The toad that lives in our basement.  He's been there for awhile, so he must be getting plenty to eat.  As long as he's working for food, we'll keep him.

Sophia is studying Pond Life and made a turtle.  She tends to wear her gymnastic leotard often.  After all , she is the one who wore the same bathing suit everyday for 2 years.

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