Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Day in the life of Levi...and Josh is an Eagle Scout!

I just had to put that title.  There were no morning soccer games today (Josh has one at 3:00) so there was chillaxing going on.

However,  Luke was up at 0600 to go mountain biking with Colin and his dad.  How does he get up so easily for mountain biking on a Saturday, yet Monday through Friday it takes him about a half hour to get out of bed?   Hmmmmm.  Maybe we should go for a bike ride at 0600 every morning. 

Jesse was up at 0700 to get ready for his Cub Scout camp out.  It rained yesterday and it's likely that it will rain on their camp-out...if it's not raining, it's not camping!  It always makes it more memorable when it rains. 

Josh got a letter from Boy Scouts of America today, from the local Council, congratulating him on his Eagle Rank!!!

Then I took Levi to get a haircut.  Seems like everyone we've met recently thought he was a girl.

BEFORE ......He doesn't look like a girl, does he?


We got some more rain today.  Josh played a little over half of his game and then they called it.  Luke refereed 2 games and then worked at the commissary.

Then we all went to the Waschek's house for Luke's homeschool soccer team party.   Levi played and ran the whole time.  What a great group of people.  I found out that if the kids do the CLEP option the material they use is all secular, just like the secular colleges would use.  College plus has counselors/mentors who discuss the difference between that material and what a Christian world view would have.

I wonder if Jesse is getting wet and having fun at his camp-out.
I was thinking the other day that my life is a little boring.  Maybe uneventful is a better description.  But, I think that's probably a good thing.  No catastrophes.  No major surgeries or accidents.  I think boring is ok.  Getting to know neighbors and making friends is a good thing.  There is probably nothing better than making, baking and eating chocolate chip cookies in my spare time.  

School and sports are costing more this year.  I think it's because Luke, Josh and Caroline are playing club soccer and Sophia is taking gymnastics....piano lessons for Josh and horse lessons for Caroline.  Also, I have the kids taking some online classes, and they added up.  So, I am looking at working part time.  I don't really want to, but it seems likely necessary.  

I just found out that to get my nurse practitioner certification back all I have to do is take the certification exam again and pass.  To do that I would take a prep course. Then I am eligible to practice.  I couldn't believe it.  Steve said that one of nurse practitioners he works with said the military really needs NPs and they would hire me.  

I don't think Darby got any forbidden people food today, but she did get a hold of Sophia's brand new sneakers and extracted her just-as-new shoe inserts for her tendinitis.  She destroyed the $30 inserts. 

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