Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our House: Friday, 16 September 2001

 This is where Levi fell asleep last night.  He had a late nap and couldn't fall asleep so I let him go downstairs and sit with Steve.  

 This is our house.  Jesse took the pic for me.  Those are the pillars that you can buy in box if you need to replace them.

Finished 4th week of school.  We'll be adding grammar soon.  I am still considering dropping Luke's Sports Med class.  It may take up too much time and take away from time he needs to spend on other subjects.  He doesn't need a science this year as long as he takes Chemistry and Physics before he graduates. 

Steve took Darby on a walk early this morning.  While they were gone I heard a sound like rain.  It's rained less than 6 times this year, I think.  I looked out the window and it was pouring.  Steve said when it started to rain Darby started looking around like, "Who's tapping on me."  And, "What is that stuff?"  It has hardly rained at all since we got her.

I decided just to go to Speech class with Luke and Josh today.  The other classes are great, but too much for this year.  We stayed for a few minutes of Extemp, which is current events.  It would be great to be able to sit in this class, but it's from 4-5 and Luke and Josh seem to have to other thinks going on, on Friday evenings.  Josh has practice tonight and then his team is going to watch the college soccer team play (University of Incarnate Word). 

Since I didn't end up leaving at 1000 today, school was much less hurried this morning.  I mostly work with Sophia continuing to teach her to read and doing her other subjects with her.  She is so easy-going.  I always help Caroline with her math too.  She is able to do her German on her own!  Jesse had a hard time last year and now this year too.  He just doesn't want to do any school.   I can't figure out why.  He is going on an overnight Cub Scout camp out tomorrow and he's looking forward to that.  Maybe he needs to have his school outside.....

Tonight Steve, me, Jesse, Sophia and Levi went to the Children's Magik Theater to see  The Jungle BookThe Children's Magik Theater is Levi's favorite.  We've gone to about 3 other plays during the school year last year.  We found out that the night plays have more families vs. day care/pre-school.  There are older kids attending at night.  And, they have consessions!  We got some popcorn and then stopped for icecream on the way home before picking up Josh at the soccer game.

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