Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Luke intervenes to stop a fight": Saturday! September 10th

(Luke's Classics Elite Soccer Team before their first game of the season today)

Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attack on the United States.  The force protection level on Fort Sam Houston is Bravo.  The lowest is Alpha, highest Delta.  The US has received credible threats on NYC and Washington DC. Ten years ago when the attacks happened, Steve was at work at Fort Lewis and I was at home in Olympia with the kids.  I was pregnant with Jesse. Steve's friend, Mike Amaral, was on his way to the airport for a military trip.  He called around 7 AM and told me to turn on the TV..."Someone just flew planes into the Twin Towers."  I said, "Terrorists?"  He said probably and that no aircraft were flying anywhere.  We were supposed to take care of his dogs while he was gone.  But he wouldn't be going. 

I missed my 20 year high school reunion that November because I didn't want to fly while the threat was still high and I was pregnant and had 3 small children at home.  This year is my 30th reunion.  I would love to go.  Steve has heard some negative things about reunions and doesn't think they are the best thing to attend.  

Levi said his second 5 syllable word today, using it appropriately...."imagination."  He used it when he was playing with Legos and said the (Lego) airplane was imagination.  Later I told Jesse and Sophia, and Jesse said that he had told that to Levi earlier.  So Levi was imitating.  I'm so glad that he didn't pick a bad word to imitate!

The forecast shows that the temperature will be 100-103 degrees for the next 6 days, or so. Caroline heard that Texas now has the record for having the hottest summer on record of any state.  We've had about 2 months of over 100 degree temps and the wildfires are bad and getting close...within about 30 minutes.

I made some chocolate chip cookies this afternoon while Levi was taking his quiet time.  Darby only got about 1/2 a tray before Sophia stopped her.  Later Darby attacked Levi's cheeseburger as he was walking in the kitchen with it, but again Sophia and Jesse were there to attack back and retrieve the burger. It also helped that I pushed the button on her correction collar.  She backed off immediately. I thought I would train Darby a little so I put a piece of bread on the low window sill near where I was sitting by the computer. I have had her training collar on and the correction remote ready.  Darby immediately came up to within about 6 inches of it, stared at it and finally, sat down still staring, and eventually she laid down.  She never touched it while I was there.  Had I gotten up for the next emergent situation without taking the bread with me, she would have devoured it in seconds.  Smarty pants dog.  Darby 50, Sue 1. 

Luke won his soccer game today 4-0, and Josh's game was an hour and a half away and they lost 2-4.  We took Hannah and Christian to Luke's game.  There is a playground and shade there and a Gatoraide machine.

During Luke's game one of the boys on Luke's team got mad and started going after a boy on the other team.  One of our boys walked up to our boy to get between him and the other boy to stop a fight from starting.   Play resumed and Luke's coach asked the ref if he could sub the player who was mad.  The ref agreed and again the boy started going after the player on the opposing team.  Sides started forming and I saw Luke going into the mix.  I started walking in that direction because I thought Luke was going to help our boy fight if necessary and I was going to yell at him not to.  But, Luke immediately and purposefully walked up to our mad player and escorted him in pure bodyguard-fashion towards his coach.  As that was happening that ref held up the red card for our player who was mad.  Appropriate call.  I was surprised, relieved and glad that Luke thought to do what he did- it was exactly the right thing to do.  When a player gets a red card, he is kicked out of the game and the team has to play with one less player.

After his game, Luke worked at the commissary again and now he is at Frankie's 15th birthday party at her house down the street. 

I invited the new neighbors (who used to live in the Parson's house) to our new church service tomorrow.  It is a short 45 minute service with only one or 2 songs and the hope is that people who don't usually attend church will come and hear the Word.  She said she would talk to her husband about it. 

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