Sunday, September 4, 2011

Illuminated Letter: Friday, 2 Sep 2011

(The Illumined Letter I made as an example for the kids)

Steve told me he was going to be off today for the Labor day weekend, so I told Rachel not to come.  Steve had to go into work all morning for an urgent meeting.  I took all of the kids on a walk during school this morning.  We took Darby too and Josh was on his ripstick. He took Darby's leash and had her pull him on his Rip Stick.  It was pretty funny. She goes faster when someone is in front of her and she is trying to catch up to them.  Josh looked like Napolean and Kip from Napolean Dynamite.

There was no speech and debate club today.

We are studying Medieval history.  One of the possible projects to do is make an illuminated letter like the monks did.  I took 20 minutes last night and made one with markers, including gold markers, to show the kids an example.  Jesse and Sophia were the only ones interested in doing it. Jesse finished quickly and Sophia is still working on hers.

Sophia and Caroline got their haircut today and then we went clothes shopping for Caroline...Old Navy, Sears and Target. She got  a few things.   Sophia got a few things.  I got a few things :).

Caroline's soccer team volunteered to be ball girls at the women's soccer game at University of Incarnate Word.  Caroline's coach used to play for the team and her sister is a senior on the team now.  Josh and Levi went with us too. The Sones' got talked into watching Sophia and Jesse.  The game was pretty physical.  Caroline threw a few balls in.  It was really fun to watch. Josh was impressed.

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