Thursday, September 22, 2011

I realize one thing that's missing this year...

Tonight I went to Jesse's first Pack meeting for WEBELO 1.  I realized that this is first year in about 7 years that I'm not in a Scout leadership position.  I've been Den Leader or Assistant for the past 3 years.  The first year when Jesse was a Tiger Cub I was pregnant and had Levi at the end of Nov.  The next year I was nursing a baby, and last year Levi was one and turned two during the year.  That was hard.  I felt like something was missing, but then I let myself not feel guilty for not helping this year.  What a relief to take some time off from that.

Bible.  I did an object lesson.  We read about God fulfilling his promise to Abraham about having a son.  God is always faithful.  At the beginning of Bible class I brought out a brown lunch bag for each of the kids and set it on a table.  I told them that I would give them a treat after the class was over.  I kept telling the kids that "God is always faithful" during the lesson today. At the end of the lesson I gave them the bag with a candy in it.  They were happy.  I think they'll remember that "God is always faithful" and does what He promises.  I got that idea from the Calvary Chapel website:

I went over some of Josh's Logic.  He is thinking it's too much work, but I said it's a class he needs to do.  Luke needs to catch up, but he really likes the class.  I also did a check on Josh's Spanish homework- and I'll have to keep a closer check on that for awhile to make sure he gets it done.  He is in The Potter's School for his second year.  It's the second year of High School Spanish 1.  The Potter's School is thorough.  To continue taking classes with them, the student has to maintain a B or above.

Caroline's German class is tough for her. She is doing very well in it.  I think it's hard because it's an online class and the technology can definitely be an issue.  She did her homework for the class and I have to submit it on the website by tomorrow night. Many of these classes take off grades for any lateness.  Of course, as the parent, we actually give the final grade, but in the case of Josh, he has to maintain a B or better to be able to continue in Spanish with TPS.

Luke had his weekly German session where he Skypes with a German teacher/tutor from Oklahoma State University for his High School German 2 class.  He seemed to be enjoying his conversation. 

Jesse asked to do his cursive today and he did a typing lesson on his own too. 

Sophia did really well on her spelling test!  And on her math too!

Caroline did her math with just a teeny bit of help!!  She understands the concept of this lesson now!

Levi and Sophia painted away for awhile.  Levi made about 6 papers with painted hand prints on them. He thinks it's fun to cover his hands in paint and make the hand prints.  

Here is his favorite and he wants it displayed in the wooden holder.

We are now learning about the Vikings in history.  The Vikings came from Scandinavia and invaded France.  The French gave them Normandy to stop them from invading into Western France.  The Vikings stayed and became the Normans.

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