Saturday, September 24, 2011

Soccer Day, Saturday, 24 Sep 11

Josh left for Scout camp last night.  They plan to do alot of fishing, so he was really excited.  I thought he was coming back today, but he'll get home tomorrow.  I really miss him.

Caroline, Luke and Jesse all had games today.  Steve took Jesse, Sophia and Levi and I took Luke.  I got a ride for Caroline to her game and I picked her up after Luke's was over.  They all had fun.

It was Caroline's first game with a club team- she said it was great.  I heard a number of the parents saying how well she did too.  I missed most of the game but I saw her a little. She did great. 

Jesse is 9, but he's playing on a 10-12 yo team because this team practices on Fort Sam so it's easier for us to get him to practice than to the 9 yo team's practice that's in town further away and on a busier night.  He played very well Steve said. 

Luke's team won!  

Tomorrow they all have games again and Josh will go to a hunter's course because he and Luke are going hunting in NY with their Grandpa in November.  Luke will take the course too. 

We all watched a movie tonight... Shine of Rainbow.  It was about an orphan boy adopted by an Irish couple,  how people handle difficult times, and how important friends/family are.  It was very nice to have everyone here (except Josh).

Steve wanted some dessert.  Caroline wanted a pie.  I ended up making apple/peach crisp.  My mom used to make peach crisp all the time, especially when we went to a family gathering.  I was going to make apple crisp, but then I found 2 peaches and added them in.  It was sweet and good!

Here's a pic...

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