Sunday, September 4, 2011

Potty Training: Sunday, 4 Sep 2011

(Levi said, "Take a picture of me going potty.")

This is probably too much information, but it's funny, so here goes...
When we were at church today I stopped in the bathroom after church and before Sunday School.  I pulled my "underware" up and I found they had totally ripped down one side.  The whole side seam was unattached (it actally looked like they were glued and not sewn and the glue didn't hold).  Underware doesn't stay up that way.  It happened on a day when I wore a short dress so I really felt that underware was necessary.  I pulled at each unattached side and tied the two sides together sort of like a diaper.  How do you think someone with 6 kids would solve that problem?  It worked perfectly.  I am going to return them to Victoria Secret and ask for a replacement.

I changed when I got home from church today, which is something that I don't usually do.  I wanted to put on some "safe" clothes. 

Luke had choir practice until 2:30 today.  Then at 4:00 I took, Luke, Sophia and Levi to Josh's soccer game again.  Guess who Jesse stayed with?  That's right, the Sones.  The team tied again at their first game today, so they get to play again.  They lost 0-4, but it was a good game.   Josh was attacking the ball!!

We all ate a great Chinese  buffet.

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