Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday, Labor Day, 5 Sep 2011

Levi slept through the night in his bed!  I slept!  Steve took Josh fishing this morning around 0800.  We drop him off about a mile from here on the Riverwalk ( a San Antonio icon).  He loves fishing.

I got ready to go for a run.  Caroline had her online German class today even though it is a holiday.  She was not happy about having a class on a day off.  I consoled her by telling her that Luke was getting up to do his math class.

We had no issues getting Caroline into her online class.  But, about half way through the computer decided to do some update and drop her from her class....ugh...  I got her back on another computer right away and I was glad I didn't leave to go on a run.  I really like her teacher.  Caroline will learn alot.  And, she'll see what it's like to  be in a class with other kids.

I finally went for a run after her class and then I worked on preparing for the school week today while Levi took his nap.

Steve found a trampoline for sale and went and picked it up today!!! Yeah.  It has a net around it so Levi, hopefully, won't bounce out.

Then, we all went to Six Flags, except Caroline.  She didn't have anyone her age to go on rides with, so she stayed home.  We took Stephan and Eric Arnold and they used free tickets that we have!  It was a very nice evening and it was only 85 degrees!!!!

(The boys wore useful, eye-catching hats at Six Flags)

Tomorrow, Luke starts his logic class.  He is excited about it!!

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