Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Get Your Schedule": Sunday, 11 Sep 2011

Jesse and Sophia fishing at the San Antonio River (on the Riverwalk!) about 1 mile from our house.  Levi caught some too.

After church we all went to Luke's soccer game in Boerne (about 45 minutes away).  There are a handful of new boys on the team this year.  I really want to know the boys' names and their parents' names too.  So, I went around to all the families and asked them for their son's name, jersey number and parents' names.  The parents (moms especially) were pretty happy about this.  Some of us who were together last year still don't know each other.  The boys all know each other of course, but not all parents know the other parents or all the players' names.  We see the families alot, so it's nice to know their names!

I heard the best comment by a parent at the game today.  It was, "That play was surgical."   It was in response to our team passing the ball like 20 times and then taking a shot on goal and scoring.  It was bee-you-tee-ful!   The comment was too.

Luke's team won.  Luke and Jimmy got yellow cards...touching/pushing/bad slide tackle or something.  Jay saved a ton of shots on goal.   I once heard a goalie yell at his team, saying that they weren't doing their job because he should not have to be defending the shots- the defense should.  I thought that was great.  Jay worked way too hard today- he did a great job. 

Soccer in San Antonio is also a great way to learn some Spanish.  Almost everyone on the soccer field speaks Spanish.   My boys are probably learning the curse words, but today I learned that in Spanish the letter "z" is always pronounced like an "s" as in snake.

I took school work to do in the car.  I can usually get alot done in the car with Steve driving and Levi immobilized in his car seat, and if I don't fall asleep like I did on the way home today. 

But before I fell asleep I told Steve about something I heard at the writing workshop for homeschool moms that I went to last week.  One of the other moms was talking about her kids telling her they are done their school work for the day.  She said if it's before noon, it's too early for them to be done.  So if it's before noon she tells them, "Go get your schedule."  Another mom said she does the same thing.  I was so excited because I do the same thing too!  I've never heard anyone say that before.  I've pretty much always made schedules for the kids. Well, it's for them and for me too so I know what they need to do too.  Twelve years of homeschooling and I was doing something like other homeschoolers- pretty cool. I didn't say it was a good thing, but it works for us and I was just glad to know that there are others like me out there.  I was so excited Steve said I should put it in my blog.  I need to get out more.  A few years ago I was so excited when we got a front loading washer and dryer.  I told a friend.  She looked at me with a scowl and said that I really need to get out more.  She was a good friend.

After we got home, and I woke up, Steve took Jesse, Sophia and Levi fishing and they a wonderfully successful day.  I stayed home and worked on preparing for the school week this week and meal planning.  We are studying the the rise of Islam.  We did this a few years ago.  Some of the kids are scheduled to read some of the Koran  and before I got one from the library so we could look at it.  So, I went to the library and got a few copies.  I'm not sure if the librarian was eye-balling me, or if the lady with the accent who checked me out planned to secretly get in touch with me to find out about my motive for checking out the Koran. I guess that's why I don't go out more.

Then to the commissary for a few lunches and dinners for this week.  I got some chili in the crock pot for lunch tomorrow and banana bread in the oven for breakfast.  We'll have pizza for dinner (I already have the dough for the crust) so I got some cheese and sauce.

Luke isn't too excited about his Exercise Physiology class.  He hasn't taken the test that was due by Friday night.  He and Josh just got back from choir and a youth group outing, and I'm making him take it now.  He thinks he's not going to get any right.  I hope he's wrong (about not getting any right).

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