Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sinbad and the Valley of the Snakes: Wednesday, 14 Sep 2011

 Sophia's Snake from Sinbad in the Valley of the Snakes

Today is Wednesday, so Josh has his online history class and piano lessons , Luke has his online history and literature class and Caroline has horse lessons.  There is also soccer practice for Luke, Josh Caroline and now Jesse is starting his soccer practice tonight too.  I listened to a little of each class.  I realized that Luke hadn't done all of his reading for literature.  Either he didn't realize he missed some reading, or he chose not to finish it.  What he didn't read was pretty much what the whole class was about.  I have to check on his progress a little closer until he gets used to these online classes...or all year, whatever it takes.

I am enjoying history with Caroline, Jesse and Sophia this year.  I am using Tapestry of Grace as a guide, but instead of using their core history book, I'm using the alternative that they suggest. It's The Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer.  I bought one book for each student and it has all the maps and worksheets they need and a map for the teacher with "answers".  I have the history book on cd, so we are listening to it together a few days a week and doing activities that go along with the history.  Today Sophia made a cool twirling snake because we read/heard the story of Sinbad the sailor in the Valley of the Snakes from the Thousand and One Nights - one of the most famous Islamic books.

We read from the Koran this morning so we could see/hear what is actually in there.  Josh was wondering what people would think if they came in our house and saw the Koran. He didn't mind that we have, he just wondered curiously.  He wondered if other people in the US read the Koran too.

Jesse has been bugging me to take him fishing, so after school I took him, Christian, Sophia and Levi.  Levi took his Superman fishing pole.  I need to learn how to take a fish off the hook in case the kids need help and Steve isn't there.  In the past I've taken gloves to make it easier to hold the fish, but I realized that nobody ever showed me how you're supposed to get the fish off.  I learned the glove trick way back in Olympia, WA when I used to take the kids fishing.  One time another mom was there and she told me that's what she did so she didn't actually have to touch the fish.  Thankfully, nobody caught any fish today.  Jesse said he can take them off the hook, but it has to be done quickly so the poor fish won't die.

I took Josh fishing about 2 months ago and he used a tri-hook.  It has 3 hooks on it so it's bound to get stuck and not come out.  He caught a fish and he couldn't get the hook(s) out.  He asked me to help him.  Well, I didn't bring my gloves because I thought Josh would be able to get the fish off.  We worked on that fish for a long time trying to save it so we could throw it back in, yet not lose the hook.  Josh didn't bring a knife with him.  I think we finally yanked the hook out and saved it.  The poor fish just floated when Josh finally threw him back in the water. 

Luke worked at the commissary today for 2 hours and made some good money.  He may ref on Saturday too. 

I dropped Caroline and Josh off at practice and then Steve got home so he took Jesse and planned to pick all of them up- which he did.  I took Luke to practice and ran 5 miles during his practice since I didn't get up early and run this morning.  I saw a ton of deer.  All moms and babies.

Tomorrow is the first practice for Luke's other soccer team- the homeschool high school team that is called the FEAST Patriots.  It's a great group of boys and families.

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