Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday, 8 Sep, 2011

Yesterday in Luke's history class the class was discussing the fall of the Roman Empire.  They were talking about reasons that Rome fell.  One of the comments was that "When Rome conquered the world, wealth conquered Rome".  What happened was that they got big and rich and the richer they got the less virtuous.  That was a big part of their demise.  They got prosperous and lazy.  I just learned that while preparing for history this week.

There is a reason I don't go out much.  Today, however, I attempted it.  I had an appointment to get my hair cut, something I try to do only about 3 times a year.  I even had Rachel come babysit.  As I was leaving my appt I saw a text from the Rachel that Sophia and Jesse got kicked out of the neighborhood pool while they were there with Rachel today.  The lady asked them for their name and address because they had drug chairs into the shallow end of the pool.   Ughhhh.  That's pretty much why I don't go out much...things that don't normally happen, happen.  Apparently the kids asked Rachel if it was ok to do that, but the housing office didn't agree.  I took Jesse and Sophia over there when I got home and they said they were sorry and wouldn't do it again.  I think that kicking them out was a little bit excessive, but I've also told the kids to use thinks how they are supposed to be used.  It is so much easier not getting my haircut.

Luke worked at the commissary again today and is happily making money.  He is out with Steve buying a new bike right now.

Josh is working on his speech homework for speech club tomorrow.  I am taking Luke and Josh for Apologetics, Debate and Speech.  I'm going to sit in on the Apologetics class. 

Levi took a nap and is still up now.  He's in the transition stage where he needs a nap, but if he takes one, he can't fall asleep at night. 

I found Luke's homework for his Sports Medicine/Exercise Physiology class on the website today.  Luke knew he had homework, but he didn't know what he was expected to do with it.  He didn't contact the teacher and ask either.  I found out that there is a place on the website where he needs to submit it.  There were 2 things due on Monday.  I'm going to have him do them and submit them now.  I actually asked Steve to help him make an outline from his book so Luke can turn it in.  I think Luke will need a little modeling to get going on this homework too.  I just didn't want to hear Luke complain, so I asked Steve and he said he would help.  I think it will be pretty easy and won't take long. 

I bought supplies to make frescos.  The Indians (from India) made them in caves in the 600's.  We made them about 5 years ago and Sophia, Caroline and Jesse want to make them again.  You mix Plaster of Paris  and pour it into a tin pie plate. When it's almost dry, you paint it.  then let it dry.  Remove the plaster from the tin and, when dry, hang it on the wall on a wire that you put in before it dried.  I'm going to look up some examples now to show the kids when we do the project next week.

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