Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's going pretty well: Tuesday, 13 Sep 2011

I don't know what happened today but when I got done school, I was pretty much done what I needed to do.  I had free time.  I played hide and seek with Sophia and Levi.  I figured out that if furniture was moved far away from where it normally is, that's where they were hiding.  Of course I didn't let them know that and I would look everywhere but there for awhile.

I don't know how I got pretty much all our school done and even corrected a math test during school.  I just had to read a little of the Koran after school to look up some passages.  We are studying the rise of Islam.  

I'm trying to think if there is something I missed...I got Jesse to his Robotics class.  Rachel brought him home.  I did all of Sophia's subjects with her.  I helped Caroline with her math.  I did history with Caroline, Jesse and Sophia which included some worksheets...I think there may be some map work that I missed.  But that wouldn't give me a whole afternoon free, just a few extra minutes.   I even (finally) started Caroline and Jesse's writing class.  It went REALLY well.  I was sort of dreading starting it because I thought they might rebel.  But they liked it and Caroline even did her assignment right after class! 

I think that somehow the difference is that Luke and Josh are taking history and literature online and that frees me up some. Or maybe it's just the way I have everyone working this year... I don't know. 

Here is Sophia's schedule:
English (Language)
and I added "Ankles".  I put that on her schedule because she has Achilles tendinitis and has to have her ankles soaked, massaged and stretched every day.  I was forgetting to do it at night so I put it on her school schedule so I would remember to do it.  Luke laughed at that when he saw it on her school schedule.  

I went to an informational meeting about EduNation.  It's a company that offers CLEP testing prep and other ways to obtain college credit for less time and money.  It makes so much sense.  Students can earn college credit while in high school (or younger) and it is very inexpensive.  The course/prep that they do can also be counted as their high school course so it's a dual credit.  I'm going to figure what courses Luke, and then Josh, should CLEP.   It helps if you know what college they will attend so you can figure out which courses that college will give credit for. 

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