Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Possibility": Wednesday, 7 Sep 2011

 (Jesse and Sophia's Illuminated Letters)

Levi used a 5 syllable word today..."possibility".  He was making up a story and used the word possibility.  Sophia thought it was funny that he would use a word like that and asked him what it meant.  Apparently it means a car like one used in the Cars 2 movie.  So, he isn't really clear on the definition, but he wasn't afraid to use the word!

Luke started his online classes with Tapestry of Grace for literature and history.  I didn't get to hear or see much of the literature class, but what I did see was a bunch of literary words on the screen waiting for their definition to be discussed.  I asked him which class he liked better and he said the history class.  He was so prepared for the classes....I was so excited!  He had it in him after all.  It was just me he didn't want to excel for, I guess.  I got to see some of the history class.  I happened to come in when they were talking about Italy/Rome/Europe. Luke had been to many of the places on the map on the screen.  Someone in the class said they had been to Rome or Italy, I forget which.  That was Luke's opportunity to chime in.  He chatted in the chat box, "I've been to Italy like 15 times", sounding just like Napolean Dynamite.  Then the teacher asked how he got to go to Italy so many times.  He said he lived in Germany.  Then she started asking him if he want to the chapel with all of the popes, but she wasn't sure of the name.  I was sitting next to him thinking that when we traveled and studied it wasn't really about Popes, but more about Christ, or famous artists, etc.  So I said to Luke, "We didn't go Pope-hunting".  So, he typed that in as an answer to the teacher and the class thought it was hysterical..."Pope-hunting"...."haha", "hehe"...

  I said he stole my line and now they think he is so funny.  And, I can't believe I have 15 yo humor!

He liked the history class better than the literature class.  They are studying poetry in literature.  The teacher told him that most teens don't like studying poetry. 

One of the kids in the class asked him if he knew Charlie Fredrikson, it is a long shot, but Charlie is a homeschooler living in Germany.   I said, "Of course".  So, of course, that's what Luke typed in.  And we do know Charlie.  He lived 2 blocks from us!  This other boy knew Charlie when the family lived in Virginia.  

We are now studying Justinian and the Byzantine Empire.  And, Caroline did the circumference  and area of a circle today!  Josh had piano lessons, Caroline had horse lessons, and Caroline, Luke and Josh all had soccer practice tonight.  I also took Sophia to the podiatrist and she has achilles tendonitis.  So, she needed new shoes.  We bought 3 pair!  A pair of sneakers for her to wear outside (doctor's orders), a pair of lined Crocks for her to wear in the house (doctor's orders) and a pair of white sandals to replace the ones Darby chewed. 

Levi was sick, so I told Rachel she should stay home so she didn't get sick.  Levi was feeling better so he went out on the trampoline with whomever would take him out today.  

Sophia finished her Illuminated Letter today.  I'm trying to get all the kids to make one. 

Josh heard from the lady in charge of the Eagle Rank board that she got all of his necessary paperwork and forwarded it to Council.  So in Boy Scout code that must mean that somebody signed the paperwork stating they approved Josh's Eagle Project before he actually did his project, making it a valid project.  We are now waiting for the official letter saying he is awarded the Eagle rank.  Then Josh will have an Eagle Court of Honor and we'll have a "par-tay"!!!

Luke started his job today....he's officially "bagger number 131". He made about $20 in an hour!  Should I stop his allowance now?!

Oh, and the BIG news....Steve is NOT going to Afghanistan.  Somebody else will go.  Whew.

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