Monday, September 12, 2011

Frescos: Monday...

Caroline's Fresco (The initial "C")

Jesse's Tree

Levi's friendly monster

Sophia's Snail

6th Century Indian Monk Frescos
Last week we studied the monks in India in the 6th Century.  They lived in caves and decorated the inside of their caves with frescos.  Frescos are made by painting on plaster as it is drying- you have to work quickly. It's how Michaelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel.

Tomorrow we'll take them out of the tin form that are in.  I forgot to remind the kids that the metal hanger that we put in the plaster needed to remain at the TOP of the artwork.  Some of them ended up at the side or bottom- ugh.   We made them about 5 years ago and I had Caroline's out as a model.  Last time we made them all the hangers were at the top somehow.

I talked to the adult leaders at the Apologetics club.  The lady I talked to said it would work out ok if the boys didn't do apologetics in the fall, but waited until the spring.  That will make things easier with Luke having his Sports Medicine class at the same time.  So, now we'll drive there on Friday morning for Luke to attend his Sports Med class for an hour and half on the computer.  Then, when it's over, he and Josh will go to the Debate and Speech classes/clubs.

We'll do our Bible study at home going through the Old Testament and doing a partial Philosophy credit.  The Philosophy is written into our curriculum.  There is a play where a teenage boy named Simplicio is seeking the truth.  He meets all kinds of philosophers and leaders.  This week the leader he meets is Muhammad.  Jesse was Simplicio today.  He did a great job.  I read the leader/philosopher's part and one of the kids read Simplicio's part. 

So here is what Luke will be doing in school this semester (I think):
Bible                             0.5 Credits
Math                              1    Credit
English                           1
History                           1
German                          1
Logic                              1
Debate                           1
Speech                           1
Sports Medicine/              1
    Exercise Physilogy

Choir (fine arts)               0.5
PE                                  1

That is way too many credits so they probably won't all show up on his transcript.  His junior and senior year won't be so jam packed.  I will probably end up making his transcript by subject instead of by grade. 

Rachel came today from 1000-1200 and really helped with Levi.  They went outside for awhile which really helps decrease distractions.   He made her come to me today to tell me that she lost him.  I laughed because he has been saying that to me lately when I am not directly next to him.  He says, "You lost me."  And I say, "No I didn't.  I wouldn't lose you."  It's a thing we do now.  So I told Rachel to tell him that!  He was being silly.  He sat so still today when we made the frescos.  He sat in his chair waiting for the plaster of paris to dry enough to start painting.  He sat quietly and still with a plastic trash bag over his body being used as a smock.  I learned that a few years ago.  Plastic trash bags make the best art smocks.  Put in one hole for the head and two for the arms.  When you're done, just rip it up the side and throw away.  Voila.

Caroline had her German class and the computer logged off and shut down again during the class.  I immediately logged back on on another computer.   The teacher thought maybe she accidently kicked Caroline off, but I don't think that would have made the computer shut down.  Caroline had a verbal test and she got an A!  It sounded like she was doing really well in the class.  The teacher had her talking alot.  Zehr gut!

Luke had an hour math tutor session today.  Geometry is hard for him.  He will finish it around the beginning of October.  Unfortunately, last year I changed math programs on him and when the new one didn't work, I switched him back to the original which put him behind, so he is finishing geometry this year.  I'm hoping Algebra II is easier.  One of the consultants for the curriculum that we use said some people are geometry people and some are algebra people.  She said you use different thought/reasoning/solving processes for algebra and geometry, so often one is easier and the other is harder.  

Steve took Luke to the orthotics clinic today to get some inserts for his shoes.  That was sooo helpful.  I didn't have to go anywhere today until soccer practice tonight! 

Last night I made banana bread for breakfast today.  I was planning to make muffins for breakfast tomorrow....but I'm too tired.  No muffins tomorrow.

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