Monday, September 26, 2011

Jesse was sick, but wanted to come to school!

Jesse has a cough, a slight fever, he didn't sleep well.  I told him he could sleep in.  But he got up. He didn't want to miss school!  This is the same child who cringed at writing 4 words just a week or so ago.  I think the schedule change and some relaxed schooling helped.  Something did.

Levi wanted to go to the Fire Station Field Trip and the monthly roller skating.  My 2 year old.  I asked him which he wanted to do more because we couldn't do both.  He said roller skating.  So we went roller skating this afternoon.  Josh stayed home to do work and I had Jesse stay home too.  I told him he could watch a movie or sleep, but he needed to rest.  When we were leaving he said he felt better.  I told him it was the medicine.   Well apparently he didn't understand so he went over Christian's while we were gone.  They painted.  Hannah got to go with us, and her and Sophia had a great time!  Caroline almost got to take her friend Hannah, but she had to stay home.  Luke went on Facebook before we left and found out his friend/and soccer teammate was going, so they devised a plan to dress silly.  They had a great time too. 

School went really well today!  Caroline's German class was postponed due to internet difficulties.  Luke had a math tutor session.  She said he is a very visual learner.  She said that his geometry book is very in depth.  She said that the problems he is doing with circles now is more difficult than than things he'll do in calculus.  She said that the rest of his geometry will be much easier.  He should finish the book in the next few weeks and then move onto Algebra 2.  He said Algebra 1 was easy, so I'm hoping Algebra 2 will seem easy to him also.

Even though school went well (I think it helped that Levi watched some TV with Jesse- not usually allowed!), I was emotionally drained after school.  I think it was good for me to get out and take the kids roller skating.  By the way, if you take a 2 year old roller skating don't wear flip flops and walk him around the rink.  His skated kept running over my toes- ouch.  But, we found out that the skate rink has these contraptions made from PVC that the non-skaters can hold on to while they are skating.  I rented one of them and he just stood up and held on!  It was $5 well spent!

Not a good pic of Levi, but you can see the contraption.  

 I took Luke to a seminar about playing soccer in college put on by his club soccer organization.  They said that 98% of the work that is done to get a kid to play in college is done by the kid (and his family).   The most interesting thing I learned was that the kid should start contacting college coaches in 10th grade.   And then keep in touch with them.  Very helpful seminar.

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