Monday, September 19, 2011

Darby on her Vent: Sunday, 18 Sep 2011

Jesse is not handling school well. This happened last year too.   If I ask him to do even something short and simple, he cringes.  I did change his math to a computer based program and he is doing great with that.  I can't figure out what to do with him, so tomorrow I am decreasing his work.  He is capable of doing all of his work.  He detests writing almost anything:  he doesn't mind learning/writing his cursive.  He types some things instead of writing them, but even that doesn't seem to be the answer.

Luke doesn't want to drop his Exercise Physiology class.  He is interested in the subject.

Luke and Josh were watching a show about fish attacking people.  Anyway, Josh commented that Darby looks dangerous but she would never hurt a fly.  I said, "Josh, Darby ate a fly."  She didn't even have to get up.  She was laying there and it flew by her and she opened her mouth and chomped it down.  She rests alot.

When she comes in from the outside, she immediately goes to the AC vent that is on the floor in kitchen and lays down on it.  She'll even forego food and water to hang out on top of the cold air blowing out.  See picture below. She loves it.

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