Friday, September 9, 2011


Our Bible class this morning was a short article on children obeying their parents.  I've been talking to Levi about this and the other day when I told him to do something and I reminded him that he needs to obey, he said, "so it will go well".  And I said, "Yes, that's right".  (Ephesians 6:1)

In church last week, we talked about being obedient because we want to be like Jesus and because we want to do what God wants us to do.  It's still hard for many of the Sobczak family to do good to other family members solely on that basis.  We're still working on that.

We all worked hard this morning because I had take Luke and Josh at 1000 to New Braunfels (40 or so minute drive) to the Apologetics, Speech and Debate classes.  The plan was arrive in time for Luke to get online and watch 30 minutes of his Sports Medicine class before the Apologetics started. 

So I got some math, spelling, reading, handwriting done with Caroline, Jesse and Sophia.  Then I left them some work and Rachel came to watch them while I was gone. 

Luke got into his Sports Medicine class about 2 minutes late because we had the wrong password for internet access at the church where we attend the classes/club.  The teacher asked students to arrive on time. 

Luke was not tracking with what the teacher was discussing which had to do with muscle anatomy down to almost the cellular level.  Luke asked a question in the chat box but the teacher didn't address it while Luke was online.  His class is an hour and a half but he could only stay for 1/2 hour so that he could get to his Apologetics class.  I didn't plan this.  I planned for him to just take speech, but when I went to the orientation I was blown away by what the kids learn in these classes that we decided to put Luke and Josh into those 3: Apologetics, Speech and Debate.   So, I got approval from the online science class (that costs $300 or so for a semester) for him to watch the class recordings instead of being in the live class. 

We will see how we like Apologetics (a.k.a. I'll determine) to see if they will stay in that, or if we should not do that and Luke can attend his science class live. 

Anyway, the Apologetics class was different than I expected.  Parents are allowed/encouraged to attend the classes.  The class prepares students to compete in Apologetics.  Only about 3 of the approximately 25 students plan to compete.  So, it's not really a class.  It's an opportunity to work on one's speech's for the competitions.  There are 100 possible questions and everyone in the class gets one of them to address in a speech. Examples of questions are:

1. Jesus clearly demonstrated His belief in the authority of Scriptures. Defend this statement with
2. If the Bible was written by men, how could it also be written by God?
3. How did the church decide what should be included in the Canon of Scripture?
4. How can the Bible be trustworthy when it has been translated so many times?
5. What is the foundation for accurate Bible translation?
6. Provide evidence for the historical accuracy of the Bible.


1. Analyze and respond to the statement, "No man ever believes that the Bible means what it says; he is
always convinced that it says what he means.” George Barnard Shaw
2. Analyze and respond to the statement, “The Bible is no different than any other holy book.”
3. Analyze and respond to the statement, “The Bible is simply the work of a great conspiracy, where
people sought to create a religion of their own.”
4. Analyze and respond to the statement, “The Old Testament is merely a set of myths made up by
the Jewish people to establish a national identity and give themselves a feeling of superiority.”
The teacher went over briefly how to outline one's speech and then said for the students to start working on it.  I asked if he had gone over any of this at the last class, which we missed, and if he ever models the information for the students.  "Models", as in, "gives them an example". He said this was the first he showed them this material, and no, he doesn't model it.  Alrighty then.

I left so I could get home and not have to pay a babysitter all day!  When I got home I helped Caroline get onto her German written test online. She pretty much got on herself and I was just there.  The teacher had told her there would be Bible verses on the test.  She was given 1 hour to complete the test and it was worth 100 points and she had only one chance to take it.  I watched her do a number of the 20 matching problems and she was doing great.  She said she wasn't going to get "any right!"  I left the room so I wasn't hoovering over her shoulder and  a few minutes later she came in very upset saying she thinks she hit the wrong button and sent the test before it was done.  She said there were only those 20 problems and no verses.  I looked at it and we saw a grade of 100%/100, so it looked like she got them all right.  I called the instructor and left a message.  Late tonight I got a message that there were ONLY 20 questions on the test.  Caroline is sleeping over at Hannah's so I have to remember to tell her tomorrow. 

I went back to New Braunfels taking Levi and leaving Caroline with Jesse and Sophia.  Jesse was at the Sones- surprised?  Levi fell right asleep in the van and stayed asleep until we got home about 2 hours later. 

Luke and Josh really liked Speech and they liked Debate too- not Apologetics.  The topic for the year for Debate is Economics, so they will learn ALOT about economics.  I'm hoping I can count this an a high school economics credit.  I'm going to ask about that.

I had pork chops and sour kraut ready to put in the oven and bread in the bread maker.  Caroline put the dinner in the oven.  I got home and took Luke and Josh to Josh's soccer practice (Luke helps train them).  After dinner, Rachel came back and Steve and I went to see the movie, "The Help".  The audience applauded at the end.  You should see it.    The most memorable part of the movie is the movie is the chocolate pie part.   (Caution: potential plot spoiler...)  And a scene that was moving  was when the main character's boyfriend leaves her because he finds out she wrote the book from the perspective of "the Help" and he calls her selfish.  He calls her selfish because it didn't fit in his paradigm- white people in the South don't help blacks.  He left her and then she left the south.  My favorite character is the blond newlywed.

Levi was asleep when we got home.  Luke and Josh just got home from the local high school football game where the home team was losing badly. 

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